Building a Madrasah is a prophetic and Islamic tradition for Muslim communities. One of the first projects that prophet Mohammed (SWA) completed when he entered Medina is to build a mosque,the mosque of Quba. Subsequently, wherever the Muslims have gone, they have built a mosque for their needs in that community.
Allah (SWT) has blessed Muslim nation of keeping the Holy Quran in its purest state by giving all those that try to memorize it the wondrous ability of instilling it in their memory. Children from very young ages can learn to read and memorize the Quran. This in itself is a miracle of Allah (SWT). The Madrasah system is also a reward from Allah. Islamic history, Adab, Akhlaaq, Hadith, Tafseer, Fiqh, Islamic Law and much more is taught there. Through the efforts of our pious predecessors for hundreds of years, Madrasahs have educated and has saved many from going astray from the right path and becoming completely neglectful of the deen.

Our Mission and Vision:

Every Islamic institution has some historical connection with a great personality or vision. We have set out on this journey with a clear goal in mind. To nurture, educate and enlighten the youth growing in this fast paced digital world. We have fused our passion for learning and teaching and our years of experience in education to raise the bar and set the highest standard for Islamic education in America. 

Our vision and deep hearted aspiration are to ensure that every student is trained with the qualities of great enlightenment, sacrifice, and sincerity; restoring the Muslim community to its rightful position as the best of the nation. 

We want to ensure that we effectively and appropriately teach the universal teachings and knowledge of our Prophet ﷺ and his companions to every teacher and the student attending this institution, preserving it with the divine guidance of Allah ﷻ. 
Our objective is to offer the youth of today with Islamic education that has been passed down to us from Prophet ﷺ , Sahabah, thabaeen , Thabe-e- Thabaeen, Salf-e- saliheen, and Awliya- e-keram. This vital education is compulsory for all Muslims and will be a blessing for all those that achieve it.





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