Current Courses​

☉ Full-time Hifzul Quran with NYS Board Of Education
☉ Approved Academic Curriculums
☉ Summer Darul Qirat program
☉ Weekend Islamic Classes
☉ After school Islamic classes with homework help
☉ Adult Islamic Classes​

Current Activities and Services​

☉ Taraweeh Prayer during Ramadan
☉ Monthly Khaneqah Mahfil
☉ Monthly Tafsirul Quran Mahfil
☉ Commemorate Islamic holy days
☉ Dars-e-hadith
☉ Youth programs
☉ Physical Training Courses
☉ Muslim matrimonial services
☉ Guidance counseling for youth
☉ Marital Counseling
☉ General Counseling
☉ Islamic publications

Future Courses and Services​

☉Full-time Madrasah integrated with NYS Board Of Education Approved Academic curriculums
☉ Arabic Language Course
☉ Library and Research Center
☉ Computer Lab
☉ Funeral services
☉ Daycare
☉ Tarbiyah for new Muslims
☉ Support for Needy
☉ Food Bank



Please help us in building an Islamic Center for the Muslim community. Our goal is to provide basic Islamic services and Islamic education in conjunction with the Board of education approved curriculum to our students

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