Current Courses

☉ Full time Hifzul Quran with NYS Board Of Education
☉ Approved Academic Curriculums
☉ Summer Darul Qirat program
☉ Weekend Islamic Classes
☉ After school Islamic classes with homework help
☉ Adult Islamic Classes

Current Activities and Services

☉ Taraweeh Prayer during Ramadan
☉ Monthly Khaneqah Mahfil
☉ Monthly Tafsirul Quran Mahfil
☉ Commemorate Islamic holy days
☉ Dars-e-hadith
☉ Youth programs
☉ Physical Training Courses
☉ Muslim matrimonial services
☉ Guidance counseling for youth
☉ Marital Counseling
☉ General Counseling
☉ Islamic publications

Future Courses and Services

☉Full-time Madrasah integrated with NYS Board Of Education Approved Academic curriculums
☉ Arabic Language Course
☉ Library and Research Center
☉ Computer Lab
☉ Funeral services
☉ Daycare
☉ Tarbiyah for new Muslims
☉ Support for Needy
☉ Food Bank

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